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BEBC Seminar: Cao Lei & Yan Gong

On the morning of 26th May, 2018, the Bioinspired Engineering and Biomechanics Center (BEBC) held monthly seminar in the Room 308, School of Life Sciences and Technology. Ph.D. student Cao Lei and Yan Gong shared their scientific reports.

As a kind of typical biomacromolecule, DNA played an important role in transmission of genetic information, disease diagnostics, forensic science and so on. As the latest generation of DNA in vitro amplification detection technology, digital PCR technology has high sensitivity and specificity, attracting many researchers' attention. Cao Lei first discussed the principles of all key steps of dPCR, i.e., sample dispersion, amplification, and quantification, covering commercialized apparatuses and other devices still under lab development. Then, he highlighted the advantages and disadvantages of different technologies based on these steps, and discussed the emerging biomedical applications of dPCR. The quantitative detection of the cancer susceptibility gene methylation in the blood of clinical breast cancer patients based on the microwell digital PCR platform was also introduced.

Based on the topic of ¡°Translational research and application in cardiovascular of paper-based POC device¡±, Yan Gong introduced some paper-based POC devices from the perspective of industrial transformation. At the same time, she shared her experiences and little tips on the publication of articles, patent writing and participation in entrepreneurial competitions, which are very practical and helpful.

Their brilliant reports inspired audience the idea of interdisciplinary field and how to view a problem in a novelty way. Look forward to more excellent work from them.